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This week’s Bulletin, Ladies Shalosh Seudos, Anniversary Dinner  (Shabbos Behar, May 28)

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Yeshivat Nefesh David Shabbaton

Deaf students thrive in Yeshiva setting

How do deaf students thrive in Yeshiva setting

MAY 27-28, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kakon of the only international, multi cultural yeshiva for Jewish young men with hearing loss in the world (one of Toronto’s hidden gems). RSVP for the shabbos talks and the Ladie’s seudah

FRI. /SAT. MAY 27-28 to office@westmountshul.com


Shabbos Chevron Shabbaton

avinoam horowitz chevron

How the high-school yeshiva is doing in Chevron

SAT. / JUNE 4 With Rabbi Horowitz. We’ll hear of our high-school yeshiva in Chevron, the satisfaction and the challenges of efforts there. And a Fleishig kiddush too.


The Westmnount 20th Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Gala

Anniversary Gala in June

MON JUNE 6, Dinner Commemorating the Jewish contribution the shul has made to the Thornhill community Date: Monday evening, June 6th , 2016

Venue: the venetion banquet hall, concord Honourees: Louis & Lynne Pillemer and Robert & Alla Volfson. RSVP via email or phone

Guest entertainer: Kosher comedian from Los Angeles Robert Cait

Thursdays Chavruta and wings

Thornhill jewish torah study

Every week, join in our Thursday study groups with free wings, The Rabbi’s Cholent and.. Beer. Choose your topic and we’ll find you a learning partner, or tutor. You can simply drop-in an let us find you to a group to join.


New class start: TLC on Book of Ruth

  • Master Ruth in 6 weeks

    Master Ruth in 6 weeks

    We begin counting up for the holiday of Shavous with a new format of Torah Level Competency program. With only a minimum commitment of 15 minutes a day for the next 6 weeks you will be able to master a powerful book of Tanach just in time for Shavuos! The program begins on Sunday May 8th. Give it a try!

  • Also starting is the Rambam: Laws of gifts to poor    (09:30 PM SUN to WED)

Get to Torah Level Competency (T.L.C)

Success in Torah Thornhill

Take the challenge on

Take your ability to learn Torah to a whole new level. A proven ‘Master Torah’ program started on Sunday at Westmount Shul and Jewish Learning Centre in Thornhill.

Download today’s recording and PDF – here on this new class page.


Torah Classes to join and Review MP3

mp3 thornhill classes jewish

Take a look at this week’s Westmount classes and drop in to try one. Or, download MP3 files to listen to and review. Search from hundreds of archived classes on a wide range of Judaism and Torah topics. Jewish topics from leading scholars on the Torah, Gemara, Rambam…

Adopt a Kollel in Israel – launched


Download the form and help shoulder the burden of our national treasure. The ground breaking, world wide Adopt-A Kollel in Israel program – here.



Try One Shabbos with us!

friday night in thornhill jewish

Be hosted for a Shabbat meal by one of our members’ families. Sit in on a class, or join the whole congregation in an afternoon Kiddush to experience joyful shabbos singing… See the goodness of a Torah lifestyle family for yourself, it is unlike anything else out there. Teach your kids the beauty of Jewish living.

Our 160 member families, come from all walks of life and make welcome all fellow Jews, at different levels of observance who are enthusiastic about uncovering the magic of our Torah.

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