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The Weekly bulletin

Visit the Sukkos page for events and schedules and classes this Sukkos in Thornhill. Or download the October 8th Sukkos bulletin PDF which includes the schedule for the synagogue services, Toraclasses times and our Thornhill Jewish community’s announcements.

Minyan Times weekdays

Monday – Wednesday
Shacharis (Mon. – 6:15 am) – 6:30 am
Mincha / Rambam / Maariv – 6:30 pm

Sukkos Classes
Check Daily class times and download old class recordings.

Grand Simchas Torah (Sukkot) Dinner Oct. 16th


Dancing, Hakafot and Happiness

The Shul will be having a communal dinner on the night of Simchas Torah. FREE OF CHARGE! Eat in Shul & then dance hakafot – no need to have a meal late at night at home or to leave Shul early.

Contact the Rabbi if you would like to co – sponsor this event. Or listen to related past classes here.

Worldwide Shabbat Project – Westmount Shul’s Program

shabbat project thornhill

Experience and learn one Shabbat

This year, Jews in over 340 cities around the globe will participate in the project. At Westmount we will participate in Worldwide Shabbat by hosting guest speaker KIVI BERNHARD and community Friday night dinner and Shabbat afternoon luncheon.


Challah Baking Club added dates

Challah bread baking club in Thornhill

Mom’s Challah !

Interested in making Challas for Rosh Hashana this year? Or Sufganiot, or Chumentashen? Learn the Challah tips and hidden meanings from the Rebbetzin. Our mother-daughter favorite. Click here for class times.

Taste the Treasure of Torah

Kollel night wings

Choose from 3 study topics

Join in our Thursday study groups with free wings, Cholent & beer. Choose your topic and we’ll find you a learning partner, or tutor. Just drop-in – we’ll find you to a group you’ll enjoy.

Print the Thursday night Kollel poster 5775


Download classes

Take a look at this week’s Westmount classes and drop in to try one. Or, download MP3 files to listen on your own. Search from hundreds of archived classes on a wide range of Judaism and Torah topics. Jewish topics from Sukkah, shofar, to shabbos…


Experience Westmount and the joy of being Jewish

Contact us to be hosted for a Shabbat meal by one of our families. Join a free Torah class, or join a Shabbat communal meal to experience joyful shabbos singing. Learn for yourself and, teach your kids the beauty of Jewish living. Our 160 member families, come from all walks of life and make welcome all fellow Jews, at different levels of observance who are enthusiastic about uncovering the magic of our Torah.