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This Week’s Minyans and Events

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Get times for Minyanim /classes this week

All of our most up-to-date minyan times and class times are in the weekly bulletin above. Download this week’s PDF:  The Westmount Bulletin, Sukkos Schedule, How to celebrate Sukkos, Young professionals Melavah Malka, Simchas Torah (PDF) for Parshas Haazinu.


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What’s Coming up?

Our Sukkos and Simchas Torah Celebrations

Dancing, shul and sukkah events

Check the bulletin for details, there are several events happening, all  over Thorhnill.
Sat Oct 3rd
6:00 pm Mincha in sukkah @ 223 Arnold
9:00 pm Young professionals Melave Malka
Monday, Oct 5th
6:00 pm – Chinese raffle – 10 Disera
8:15 pm – all family dance with the Torah
Tue, Oct 6
6:00 pm Women’s Sukkah Party  @ 452 Spring Gate

Shmitta & the Kosher Consumer

It’s going to be the year 5776. How does that effect your Lulav and Esrog this year after
Sukkos? What can I buy at Sobeys as usual? Can I throw out leftovers?

Download and listen to a recording of this class by speaker Rabbi Tsvi Heber, Director at the COR.


New Class on doing a spiritual self assessment

Reflection how to for the year

New recordings added to the Duties of the heart series. In time for Rosh Hashana, chapter 8 (from class 70) – learn to reflect truthfully for Elul or, how to do the daily cheshbon nefesh.

Listen from class 70 on Chovos Halevavos – Chapter 8 in series on the medieval classic “Chovos Halvavos.”

Cholent Cookoff

Chollent contest every shabbos

Chollent contest every shabbos

Join our cholent cook-off.  Congregants will vote for their favourite weekly cholent by “shabbat
–friendly” ballot. Send in the the name of your cholent and your storyby October 1st.

Not a chef? That’s okay! Come hungry every Shabbos Kiddush (11:30) October and November !




Join a Thursdays Chavrutah self-Study

Thornhill jewish torah study

Drop in and sit in with a study group

Join in our Thursday study groups with free wings, The Rabbi’s Cholent and.. Beer. Choose your topic and we’ll find you a learning partner, or tutor. You can simply drop-in an let us find you to a group to join.

Print the Thursday night Kollel poster 5775


Torah Classes to join and Review MP3

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Listen and review classes on the go

Take a look at this week’s Westmount classes and drop in to try one. Or, download MP3 files to listen to and review. Search from hundreds of archived classes on a wide range of Judaism and Torah topics. Jewish topics from leading scholars on the Torah, Gemara, Rambam…

Adopt a Kollel in Israel – launched


Support a torah student in Jerusalem

Download the form and help shoulder the burden of our national treasure. The ground breaking, world wide Adopt-A Kollel in Israel program – here.



Try One Shabbos with us!

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Write us to be hosted for a shabbat in Thornhill

Be hosted for a Shabbat meal by one of our members’ families. Sit in on a class, or join the whole congregation in an afternoon Kiddush to experience joyful shabbos singing… See the goodness of a Torah lifestyle family for yourself, it is unlike anything else out there. Teach your kids the beauty of Jewish living.

Our 160 member families, come from all walks of life and make welcome all fellow Jews, at different levels of observance who are enthusiastic about uncovering the magic of our Torah.

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